Friday, February 08, 2008

Blogs with political agenda

Unbridled distortions on certain Blogs (Guyana Chronicle, February 8, 2008)

AS an internet user, who frequently visits local Guyanese websites like,,,, etc., I noticed that they were heavily filled with postings of bloggers who were very critical of the Government. In fact, it is fair to say that the bloggers were anti-government.

Much of the criticisms were highly contentious and entailed distorted views of the Government, specifically in regards to the Lusignan massacre. As someone who is politically conscious I was very disturbed by the content of some of the bloggers.

However, all my attempts to rebut and reply to these distorted postings; the result was that my responses were not posted on the websites.

It is only fitting to conclude that these websites, that is, Guyana Palace,,,, etc, are biased and anti-government.

One is left to wonder if these websites are for public use or is there another underlying driven factor.

ANITA SINGH (GINA ghost writer)

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  1. anita singh right. other things wrong wid some blogs like livin guyana. criticisms a one thing. but plenty personal things on people a libellous in livinguyana blog. this blog clean. Se what you have to se and don't do libel. i gonna complain bout plenty libel at livingguyana.

  2. who's this clown? a pee pee wee wee internet prefect?
    libellous my ass

  3. Kim, can you not do better than that? where is your content to counter possibilities of internet libel on this blog, or livin guyana, or any other blog? You seem to be the clown. Let's have content. Let's have a debate on the libelous nature of blogs. Oops, you may not know what a 'libel' is.

  4. mandarin = an influential or powerful government lackey or bureaucrat
    we're not here to engage you in anything
    you're an agent provocateur
    bring your libel suit anytime you wish