Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A result of Govt's inaction...

Several diamond dealing establishments in and around the city closed their doors yesterday, while others scurried to implement additional security measures.
The apprehensive mood indicated that residents were bracing themselves for the unpredictable, sporadic violence that has enveloped Guyana.
Private and public schools, gas stations, money transfer services and others entities were among the lot which operated on the side of safety.
With the customary Mashramani celebrations just mere days away, Georgetown did not portray the usual frenzied shopping activities.
There was scarcely anyone on the streets, and compared to the Lusignan tragedy, more businesses apparently took precautionary measures.
The customary corners which swarm with taxis and minibuses on an average day were almost desolate.
At the Berbice, East Bank and South Ruimveldt car parks, which are noted for frenzied activity, there were just handfuls of people.
Public transportation owners also operated with vigilance, venturing on and off the streets at periodic intervals.
Pavement vending was a rare sight, too, as many merchants opted against journeying to their places of business.
The court martial proceedings against the army rank were also postponed, since several high level officials were busy in meetings.
Up until evening there were still little signs of life in the city, with no clear indication of when the atmosphere would return to normalcy.

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