Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Political wrangle...why bother hunt the crimminals

Part of a press statement from the PNCR...

The Jagdeo Administration should take full responsibility for the loss of life and should resign in disgrace for such serious abdication of its responsibility.
Despite the unbridled vituperation and irresponsible and unfounded statements and accusations against the Leadership of the Party, by the President and his Ministerial cohorts, the PNCR welcomes the convening of a meeting of national stakeholders, hosted by the President.
The PNCR was originally notified, on Monday 18 February 2008 that the meeting would be held at 13:30hrs, yesterday, Tuesday 19 February 2008. However, we were later informed, by Dr. Luncheon, that the meeting had been rescheduled to 17:00hrs.
The PNCR later learnt, from another source, that the national stakeholders’ meeting was rescheduled for 15:30hrs and felt that there must have been a misunderstanding. However, subsequent inquiries, at the Office of the President, revealed that the Office of the President was involved in a major deception by surreptitiously arranging, belatedly, two separate meetings while still giving the impression to invitees that there was one meeting of national stakeholders.
As has now become normal practice, NCN-TV Channel 11 actively supported this deception by displaying a scrolled notice announcing that the national stakeholders’ meeting was rescheduled for 15:30hrs but not stating whether the original 17:00hrs meeting was abandoned.
Stakeholders and the people of Guyana must judge for themselves the seriousness of the Jagdeo Administration in dealing with the crime and security situation.


  1. You have not stated comprehensively why the president should resign. Sending in his resignation would not solve the problem. The government has changed the country tremendously. We know that responsibility comes with accountability but being a leader you cannot back down from your adversaries.

  2. ITS rape man CorBIN the one that should resign immediately if he has to rely on NCN to know the schedule of such an important meeting regarding the lives of innocent Guyanese.Or maybe he was in an emergency meeting with the MURDERIOUS CRIMINAL FINEMAN.RAWLINS will meet the same faith as Shaka and the rest of animals.