Wednesday, February 20, 2008

President Jagdeo has encouraged lawlessness

From today's edition of the KN.

"Another from the Muslim community believes that the crime situation stems from youths who have been idle in society, who have no proper examples to follow, and the breakdown of morals in the society as persons who are supposed to be respected have become less respected.
He pointed out that many who hold high positions and who are supposed to be setting examples have not been doing so, with family values lacking and infidelity and greed increasing."

Guyana360:When you have a Minister of the Government discharging his firearm and engaging in bar fights, yet remains on the job we wonder where is the example. Corruption is indeed rampant and leaders are not being held accountable. Minister's of the Government trampling on the rights of women by being promiscuous and in one particular case attempting to rape teen. Then we have a total break down. There can be no justification for lawlessness, but Guyana is reaping the benefits of successive corrupt governments. This Government has associated its self with Buddy's and Roger Khan and a few other people suspected to be partied to illegal activities and the informal economy.

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