Thursday, February 14, 2008

Govt. makes mockery of Lusignan massacre

The Government today displayed the lowest possible behaviour that can flow from a political party in the National Assembly when the debate on the Lusignan massacre took centre stage.

Seeking to abuse the Parliamentary process and make a fool of the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Ralph Ramkarran, the Government introduced a sinister plot to counter a motion which was submitted by Opposition Leader, Robert Corbin.

Filled with hatred and venom because the PNCR took the initiative to have the ghastly event discussed in the House, the PPP/C formulated a plan to counter the strong motion submitted by the PNCR.

The anger and wrath of the PPP/C spilled over when Rohee, the Minister of Home Affairs asked the Speaker if he wanted to take him up outside a fight. Of more significance, was a statement made by Sam Hinds to the media that "Black people were killing Indians."

The PNCR was right to walk out than to participate in a debate that made a mockery of the Lusignan Massacre...we await the GINA ghost writers and spin doctors to put an evil spin on this afternoon's debate in the House...More to come.


  1. You are another PNC moron, keeping your tail between your legs when your kabaka burnham was murdering indians.
    PNC and their sycophants like you want the govt to do nothing while indians are slaughtered.
    Go take a bath, you racist idiot.

  2. get down clement get down
    notice the anonymous commenterfist above like fistic clement use the same tactics - threats, violence and bullyism

  3. Kim, I am not the Jason Hinds otherwise known as Christopher Chapwayna (or whatever), the GINA Ghost writer. But, thats all this Government knows to do and that is to bully and fuel violence. It is the PM, Sam Hinds who said that Blacks are killing Indians. How responsible a statement. Isn't that a racist comment you anonymous fool. Why hide? Indians are killing Indians too you idiot. The Government indeed made a mockery of those innocent Indians in Lusignan. Just look at those spin doctors night after night on NCN. Instead of finding an effective solution, they busy blaming the PNCR. Pissing idiots. Cheddi was always my choice and he must be turning in his grave to see the degeneration of his party.

  4. The PM has brought the PPP's true thinking to public. The truth will reveal its self one day. So they invade Buxton because its a black village. The pieces are fitting together. Thanks for letting us in the UK know what is taking place. We love this blog and the media critic. Keep it up guys.

  5. Why the opposition is afraid to debate?

    The people national; congress reform, PNC R boycotted the debate on the Lusignan Massacre in the National Assembly yesterday. The walk out by the PNC R members also included Raphael Tortman and Khemraj Ramjattan of the Alliance for Change, AFC.

    Yesterday walk by PNC R parliamentarians was a deliberate tactic to facilitate their attendance to Robert Corbin’s 60the birthday party at Congress Place Sophia. The PNC R seem more interested in sporting rather than attending to serious business of the country.

    Observers posit the view that PNC R Robert Corbin, AFC Raphael Tortman might have been more afraid of not being able to add substance to the debate given their arrogant position.

    This behaviour by the PNC R is certain not nationalist and ought to be rejected by their constituency for yet another example of repudiation of their responsibility

    Parliament is the form which allows the elected officials of the country to debate on views. Ideas and opinions on the national issue and the PNC R refuse this opportunity which would have given a glorious opportunity to prove itself worthy

  6. Emma,

    It seems like that little cubicle at GINA has outgrown your shit-filled head. Or, you are brainwashed by the President's diarrhea.

    Today's KN made it clear...

    "The primary objection by the government was the format in which the motion was presented as well as a clause that read, “That this National Assembly calls on the Government of Guyana to implement a definite plan of action to arrest the downward spiraling of our country’s security.”


    "Leader of the PNCR Robert Corbin told media operatives that just ventilating the issue was not meaningful and that in the end there would be no resolve to do anything substantive."

    Read for yourself don't be brainwashed. The Govt. should have allowed the motion to go througgh and make whatever amendments to it. In addition, Emma, do you mind telling me what were the PNCR leaders do at CH. 9 after they walked out of Parliament. Oh yea! they were partying on the air. You PPP/GINA Ghost writers really believe that everyone drinks and fights like those Ministers do. Meh so sorry for you and the others at GINA. One day you guys will wake up and realise that you are being used and abused.

  7. emma is an amateur at lying cause she knows very well why the opposition walked out of Parliament...she just figures if you don't mention it the people wont know about it...hello emma, only pee pee wee wee die hards don't bother to let the facts get in their way
    kaiteur will mix up their archives soon so for the record here is Jennifer Westford who apparently has inside info on the planning of the Lusignan massacre