Monday, February 18, 2008

Crime and insecurity...Crime Stoppers was only a dream

Lack of proper planning and vision as evident here has been the hallmark of the Government's security plan. We brought experts from Canada to help set up the crime stoppers programme and it stalled because the business community is not supportive. The stupidee Minister of Home Affairs, Cement Roti, could have done an assessment before putting the plan to paper. Backward thinking from a Government that has nothing to offer citizens to the present state of crime and insecurity.


  1. Oh shut up have u no decency. Can u start a topic by say I send out my condolences to the family and friends. All you are doing is blaming the government for every thing. How could any one know were they would have strike again. I sure as hell you didn’t have a clue. The united states of america can’t even help themselves with there own terrorist attack at the moment what makes you think they could come here and make any difference.
    The business community should take the initiative of supporting the crime stoppers program. In the long they will benefit.

  2. Emma,

    you sound like a total PPP/C lappy dog. quite contrary to your belief, intelligence led policing is the answer and that is why the US has been able to prevent another terrorist attack after 9/11. The president has now awoken from his slumber and is about to meet all stakeholders, but when he was acting that a big headed pig, he wanted conditions. He wanted Corbin to declare Buxton as a safe haven for criminals. The PPP can be winning crime, if only they had a softer approach. over 50 % supported them, but they cannot ignore the other percentage and thats the problem. Inclusive governance would have meant that Rohee would have had to meet with stakeholders long before the Crime stoppers programme went to paper.

  3. You guys must be crazy to believe that Rohee's shit-shying about the business community was anything other than the pathetic piss piss piss shifting the blame , and wrongly so.

    Iam too much in grief to even bother to reply to emma's defence of this indefensible, unimaginably sad excuse for a government.

  4. Emma,

    who the hell cares about the US. right now Guyanese are dropping like flies. It was the US intelligence that led to the capture of those foolish Guyanese in a plot to blow up the J.F Kennedy Airport.