Friday, February 22, 2008

Time to mash, dem find the killer

With tear-filled eyes, 19-year-old minibus conductor, James Hyles stood in the dock of the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, yesterday, accused of murdering 11 persons, including five children, at Lusignan, East Coast Demerara, last month.


  1. When you do the crime you do the time. if MR. HYLES is involved in the Lusignan Massacre he must be punished.
    The families need that.
    He had to know what we was doing that morning.
    Sorry PNC one of your boys in done for.

  2. hey vera, shut yu slack pussy, ya heard? how the fuck you know the man do the crime? it is for the court to decide, not you, yu fucking ass. i am not saying that he is innocent. if indeed he had knowledge or was actually of of the the gunmen, i hope he rots in jail like a stinking pig. but it is not for you or me to cast judgement. i feel yu party just ordered that any lil balckman get pick up and charge with the murders, so as to put the nation at ease. but, wha kinda ease? dem gat fi kill fineman and his cohorts, then we the ppl will start to feel comfortable again.but dem na have a clue. dem is a waste of time and money, our money.