Thursday, February 07, 2008

Guyana is a football

Just caught a section of the evening news about the US issuing a new travel advisory on Guyana. Further to that, the British which pledged assistance only a few weeks ago issued the following update to its general travel advisory.


Since January 2008 there has been an upsurge in violent criminal activity. An army patrol was ambushed in Buxton (East Coast Demerara) on 23 January 2008). The police headquarters in Georgetown was attacked on 25 January and 11 people were shot and killed in house raids in the village of Lusignan (East Coast Demerara) on 26 January. While the situation persists, you are advised to exercise extreme caution in Georgetown, and avoid the East Coast (especially the area between the villages of Lusignan and Friendship (this includes Buxton)). Other areas where travellers should continue to be vigilant include the East Bank of the Demerara river (Eccles and Agricola), along the Timehri to Linden highway and along the laterite road to Lethem and the Brazilian border. If you become aware of an incident developing, leave the area immediately. You should avoid travel after dark in all of these regions, particularly on the East Coast.

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