Monday, February 11, 2008

Killaman Lall in another drunken brawl???

The fairy tales of 'Killaman' Lall - the self-styled, gun-slinging Government Minister - is far from over, only this time he is on the receiving end on some good blows dished out by his Montrose sweetheart.

Unconfirmed reports (although we are 100 percent sure), indicate that the Minister was involved in a late night brawl with a woman at a popular nightspot on Camp Street. It just might be the same woman who he befriended during another drunken brawl on the East Coast of Demerara last year. On that occassion, the brawl ended when the Minister gun-butted the woman's nephew and fired a shot in the air because he opined that the man was after his so-called sweetie.

Our sources, though some where in the skuntry, said that luckily for patrons at the night spot, Lall was forced to hand over his gun to police until the earlier brawl was properly investigated.

"Lall would have probably shot another 11 people just like he did at Lusignan," was the drunken comment made by one of the patrons who pointed out the Minister to other patrons.

At a time when citizens are aching for solutions to the miserable state of security, a government Minister finds time to get drunk and engage in bar fights instead of working on a compensation package for farmers in Buxton.

A man is a man and drunkards can only be a drunkards. Lall should be appointed presidential adviser on religion. His experience of "Spirts" will be an asset. President Jagdeo has his Cabinet all mixed up.

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