Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Empty words, substantial losses

The President had his chance to quack and he did so through the Government’s “gopher”, the so-called information agency.

We read the President’s statements with great retrousse. Admittedly, we were retched by his political stance because he choose to dabble in reverie over the most recent horrendous Bartica slaying.

Clueless as usual, the President has displayed idiosyncrasies that are unbecoming of a head-of-state. His casual and incompetent leadership has plunged this country in a state of anxiety.

Peace-loving citizens have lost hope and there can be no recompense what so ever for this. Nothing is more evident from the fact that Government believes that the security forces cannot foil another rampage. Where are the assurances and the decisive actions? Cabinet members have flung the word terrorism in the face of Guyanese without careful thought of its impact, but maybe its an admission of its failure to arrest the situation. Home-based terrorism can lead to UN interventions and more importantly it can be used as a basis on which citizens can seek asylum. Again thoughtless and empty words.

Guyana has relapsed into a state of hypothermia, as cold-blooded killers continue to strike at will. This Government has left this nation in the lurch as evident from the President’s departure shortly before the Bartica attack, and the total disrespect in the Parliament displayed by his Cabinet members. Jagdeo’s premature pronouncement that the Bartica and Lusignan attacks were pure robbery reflects his deep deception of the multiplicity of the crime situation confronting this South American nation.

It is not our intention to dive into the President’s attempt to dodge the fundamental issues of crime and its causes, but we will spotlight the dark areas and highlight the achievements of the security measures.

The recent slaying has attracted worldwide attention and at least our CARICOM journalists have already touched down here to report on the occurrences.

We wait with abated breath for a response from the President, who is the Commander-in-Chief. We must not allow the President to babble and shift blame to the security forces, since the President commands the joint services. This was evident from his master chess strokes in the Guyana Defence Force last year. We must condemn the beastly efforts of those who seek to sow seeds of division and to rebuke influential persons seek to charter a course for Guyana along a fractured pathway.

We applaud the launch of the Citizen's Security Programme today with some amount of apprehension, since it appears the programme is yet another plaster to heal a gaping wound. Too many failed security plans are stuck in the pipeline, many are still on paper gathering dust. How many more must die before these plans are flushed out?

We will not blast the Drug Strategy Master Plan, neither the Crime Stoppers Programme. No we will not! The evidence of failure is glaring. We will not waste time to whip the Government over the Discipline Forces Commission Report. Laugh time done, time for serious and decisive leadership has come.

It was laugh time for this Government following the Lusignan massacre as the President puffed his frail chest and balked at meeting the Opposition Leader until a declaration was made that Buxton is a haven for bandits. It was surely Mashramani time in the National Assembly when the Government trampled a motion to debate the Lusignan killings, which would have called for firm action. It was a comical charade when none other than the Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee sought to grandstand the Speaker of the National Assembly. Quite despicable and sordid.

Dr. Roger Luncheon continues to smile at an ex-army officer, who is willing to negotiate with the criminals for them to law down arms. Why is this man still walking freely and not part of any of the stakeholders meetings. Notwithstanding the Government's fear of this former officer, there is need for this man to quizzed and not tortured. We need to hear from this gentleman.

This Government must not be allowed to parry further, least more innocent lives perish. We would admit here and now that Guyana is a haven for criminals.

Let us unite and let us ensure that those who lead are held accountable!

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