Monday, February 11, 2008

In search of crimminals or Skeletons?

Buxton find! A glow of hope (GC, February 11, 2008)

The recent find of the skeletal remains of a man’s body by the Joint Services brings back chilling memories of the past - one which we would have wished never happened, but on the positive side provides a glow of hope that we may be closer to unravelling the intrigues and mysteries surrounding the deaths and disappearance of quite a few, (including missing sugar workers - Sampersaud Taranauth and Maikhram Sawh) which are related to the operations of the Buxton gang.

At least the families of these men, presumably dead now, have some degree of hope of the possibility of the disappearance of their husbands and fathers being brought to a clear closure, having lived for four years in both severe anguish and anxiety.

Operation Restore Order’, only in its infancy, has therefore made a significant headway, and while it is premature to decide on how effective it may turn out, this skeletal find is perhaps a little crack in the wall which will lead to other cracks and eventual crumbling of that wall.

Of extreme importance is that the skeletal find should be used to gather as much information and intelligence using all possible resources and help including foreign help in DNA testing and other high-tech probes.

As it is well known the busting of the criminal gang crucially depends on effective garnering of intelligence and information. This opportunity must not be blown as it could be one of those golden chances to dig deep into the operations of these mindless criminals.

What is of relevance too with respect to the skeletal find is the correctness of the operation to bulldoze the dense vegetation aback Buxton, because it is abundantly clear that if such a step was not embarked upon it is most unlikely that the remains of that body would have been found.

Unfortunately, too many, including those who claim to have the interest of this nation at heart, have been critical and in some cases hostile to Operation Restore Order, particularly the bulldozing of dense vegetation, because of narrow and partisan interests.

However, these critics must not be allowed to derail the course of hunting down these criminals and their collaborators because by doing so, they would be leaving the future of our dear nature hanging in thin air.

If and when this current operation proves successful, and all indications are that it would be, we hope that the detractors and those that are attempting to foment opposition against the Joint Services will not declare: “It wasn’t me.”

Perhaps an Arabian proverb may be pertinent here: “Judge a man by the reputation of his enemies.”

There is no other route than to resolutely pursue criminality to its deepest roots. There can be no room for ambivalence and double-talking.

We as a nation cannot fail the families and relatives across the country of the victims of killers. We are duty bound to provide some solace to those grieving families and relatives.

Therefore full support must be given to the Joint Services in their relentless campaign to apprehend these beastly killers and bring them to justice. Anything less than that will be an abysmal failure to the entire nation.

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  1. I agree with this writer he hit the nail rite on the head we need to look at all these critics and all those who opposes the operation like the PNC.I want to know what the PNC is hiding in the bushes and what the clearing would uncover.