Monday, February 04, 2008

Hurricane Robert

After the storm is certainly the calm and out comes the PPP/C pretty boy, Robert Montgomery Persaud, who was absent throughout the L-11 ordeal. Absent during the storm when his colleagues were being spat at and his leader was being told to resign, Robert Persaud's name sneaks back into the media during a period of calm by distributing land for the Lusignan policing group. Wow! instead of building an outpost for the folks, they give them land -basket to carry water.

And by the way, the Minister of Agriculture seems reluctant to address the agriculture needs of Annandale, Buxton and Friendship.

There are huge fertile lands at the back of these villages, yet there is poor infrastructure. Its no small wonder the men in those communities are robbing, shooting and killing. Where is the GMC and NARI. How come bull nose peppers can grow in Parika and not Afro-Guyanese communities along the East Coast. How come sluices are repaired and new ones are installed in Berbice and Essequibo?

It's no small wonder, Guyana is now facing a major security crisis that threatens to wipe out the minute developments achieved under the Jagdeo-led administartion. Its pretty simple, economic development goes hand in glove with low crime rates. Poor economic development triggers high crime. Sad, but true. The evidence points to poor economic planning by a regime that is led by an economist that boasts to be sound on economic polices. Oh yea, he can't even manage his own personal house.

Someone should ask the former first lady for her views on the L-11 killings, especially since her organisation - Kids First Fund - champions children's health care.

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