Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blame it on Buxton

Its difficult to trace the pattern of the gunmen, but we can clearly see how the security forces respond.

Gunmen strike in Lusignan, arrest Buxtonians

Gunmen strike in Bartica, arrest Buxtonians

Gunmen strike in Essequibo, arrest Buxtonians

Gunmen strike in Berbice, arrest Buxtonians.

It seems as if they want to stir up Buxton so they can show supporters they are working. Kudos! The time for real action has now.

N.B. Hours before the Bartica attack, troops were rushed to Buxton Sunday afternoon and the President ducked out the country., suggesting that they knew of an attack but again they focused on Buxton and completely missed the real target. It must be embarrassing for the government and security forces. Guyana is a vast country with millions of safe havens. Shouldn't we be tumbling several places at one time? Roger Khan used a few and was eventually caught, but not by local police.

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  1. Because Buxton is the headquarters of these criminals. There are other locations that are safe havens Agricola. Is an example of one such.