Friday, February 08, 2008

Where is the Ministerial brotherhood? It wasn't me..

The Prime Minister is the Chairman of these two select committees

Dear Editor,

I write to correct a piece of misinformation which appeared in your Wednesday, February 6 edition headlined "Months later, Parliament Security Committees still to begin work".

Please be informed that contrary to the report in the article, I am not the Chairman of the two Parliamentary Select Committees treating with the Disciplined Forces Commission Report nor the UK-Funded Security Sector Reform Action Plan. For the information and guidance of your readers the Honourable Prime Minister is the Chairman of both Select Committees.

As regards your reporter's inability to contact me "to solicit a comment on the issue" the records at the Ministry of Home Affairs do not reflect any call received from the Stabroek News nor the cell phone of Mr Williams.

Yours faithfully,

Clement J Rohee

Minister of Home Affairs

Editor's note

We regret the error on the Chairmanship of the committees.

Calls were made to Minister Rohee's cell number by the reporter. It is impossible to contact Minister Rohee on the Ministry of Home Affairs numbers as the secretarial staff do not put the calls through.

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