Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Crime and insecurity

Zoisa's SN report on the ERC meeting in Lusignan is both informative and instructive. We have deducted three interesting paragraphs for comment.

Paragraph 1: Another resident said that the grass field at the back of the village is an eyesore and bemoaned the fact that there is no longer a police presence in the area. She said they were promised lights near the grass fields and so far that has not been done. A few of the lights that were erected in the area, she said, have already stopped working.

Guyana360: According to Zoisa's SN report, it is clear that the Government just set up street lamps as foolery plot to save their faces from another liter of Saliva. When will these poor Indians in Lusignan realise that this government is not keen on helping them. Everything is just an haphazard approach because the Government knows they can manipulate the minds of those innocent Indians. Dem cast dem vote for the Government, so dem have fuh tek whatever come dem way. When will they get up and make demands? How many more Indians have to die before the very Indians that placed the Government in power realise that they are being used as sacrificial lambs ?

Paragraph 2: Yet another resident told the commissioners that she believes that the entire police force needs to be upgraded. The woman said that ranks are using the police vehicles, which are being maintained by the taxpayers' money, for their own benefit. She said that not only do the police need upgrading but they need counselling as well.

Guyana360: The Government knows fully well that the police force needs an upgrade in salary, equipment and personnel. There are numerous reports that made these suggestions, but the Government's lack of comprehension and vision have resulted in more slaying, high-profile murders and numerous robberies. Those GINA ghost writers like Anita and others would say that lots of money was given to the police. However, those reports that are languishing with the Government calls for an holistic approach to crime and security in Guyana, not for hand-outs at the whims and fancy of an uncaring Government.

Paragraph 3: The resident opined that the $50 million reward for the capture of Rondell `Fineman' Rawlins should be used to buy better weapons for the police or should even be given to community security groups. "We are fighting for ourselves now. We need protection at the back there," she said.

Guyana360: When you have people with no vision running a country that is complex like Guyana, you are bound to see pissing poor decisions. Crime and insecurity will flourish. No one is paying heed to that $50 M bounty and it seems that after each crime is committed the money increases. That $50 M should have gone to help bury the L-11 or at least to the establishment of a fund to help those that survived the massacre move on and out of the country through the back-track route. However, the government is shifting blame to the PNCR and Buxton, while they have sat and done nothing in the past to protect its citizens. Blaming the PNCR is in fact an admission that the Government is incapable of maintaining control of Guyana. They can't control a band of 25 bandits, how can they protect us from any invasion on any side of our volatile borders?

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  1. Crime and security has always been one of the most watched sectors in Guyana. Lots of finance has been injected into the policing body but so far only a percentage of goals are acquired due to the random attacks and the newly developing criminal groups that are forming mostly by youths.
    The Government. has a clear vision for Guyana "a brighter future for all" this is shown daily all over the country.
    This is being hindered by misdirection prominently by the PNC R and other oppositions focusing mainly RACIALISM.