Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Agri. Minister partying while Guyana sinks?

We are just learning from Guyana Fire that the Kaieteur News party last night was popping (whatever that means). Fire had too much of de lil rum and was knocked out cold. He claim how Robert Montgomery Persaud was there, but we believe it was drunk fire was drunk and mistook someone else for the goodly Minister of Agriculture.

We know the lovely Minister and aspiring President would not be parting at some rich self-centered businessman's party while the entire Guyana is on edge, fearing a major flood disaster. Oh no Fire...you gone loose yuh senses to that cheap rum. Yuh rass so drunk you cant even catch yuh self to blog and now is already midday. No wonder yuh still shooting blanks and can't put one in dat girl.

Oh, and we hear that Bharrat Jagdeo was MIA from the party. With all the swirling allegations of a fallout with Uncle Glenn it would be interesting to hear why. We want to hear those details Fire!

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