Friday, December 12, 2008

Glenn Lall's denial

Ramlall himself did not speak at the opening ceremony, as he is never one to want to hug the limelight, his longtime friend, Glenn Lall, told the audience.

Lall, publisher of Kaieteur News, said that speculation was rife that he was the developer behind the imposing three-storey structure which is located at Regent and Wellington Streets.
However, he denied this was so, and said the building solely belongs to the Ramall family.

Lall acknowledged that the close involvement of his wife, Bhena, who owns the popular shoe store bearing her name at the eastern end of the same block with Regent Multiplex, might have fuelled that speculation.

Bhena, he said, was responsible for the architectural design of the building and the way it was decorated.
However, while he described the building as a work of art, with ornamental properties, he said it was, nevertheless, functional.

Lall said Ramall has always been willing to come forward to contribute to various funds he has set up to help victims of disaster and man-made terror, and wasn’t one who had to be asked.

Guyana360: Lall is no fool for a man who started life selling in Bourda Market. He so correct that he is not behind the new venture, but not once has he denied that is voluptuous wife is really behind the new store and not West Demerara businessman, Ganesh Ramlall.

Ramlall is just a sham. What is there to hide Mr. Lall. Is your wife trying to join you and escape the tax man too?


  1. Glen lall should remember when the bandits had his wife Beena dancing until he came up with 100 ounces of raw gold in early 1990's.I heard she can wine without any song.

  2. love to know more on glen lall and his escapades.believe he is one maco character. sex--his weakness!!!!!!

  3. Bhena loves sex with other men. Glen does his own thing too

  4. people always try to belittle anyone that is better than they are Glen is the best Guyanese i have ever met