Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Breaking News: Greene to be confirmed Commissioner

The old addage says its better late than never and for Henry Greene this could not be more true.

Information reaching Guyana 360 suggests that Greene, who has been acting Commissioner since 2006, is to be confirmed as the substantive Commissioner of Police at 1 pm today by Bharrat Jagdeo at the Office of the President.

Funny thing is, Greene will reach retirement age next year and although there is a cloud of uncertainty about his links to the lucrative drug trade, he has risen from the ashes in 2008 as a champion, responsible for leading an emotionally weary police force against the worst group of killers to emerge in the last 50 years.

It is belived that the Jagdeo administration had delayed his appointment fearing a backlash from the US Government, who had revoked Greene's visas shortly after he was elevated to the acting position, alleging that he had benefited materially from the drugs trade.

Greene denied the allegations, but the US has been reluctant to buy into his plea.

Long before 'Fineman' and his gang members were killed and way before the hired guns that carried out the payroll heist were captured, this blog proclaimed Greene as the most suitable candidate for the post.

It would be interesting to see the US response to his appointment.


  1. A drugman as commish....I tell yuh,you Guyanese people just like moving bkwards.

  2. Finally, Bharrat Jagdeo showing that he has balls. F de US we will appoint who we want

  3. I am living in NY and I don't believe that our President would so such a thing. This is another disgrace for Guyana. The man for the job is Paul Slowe