Thursday, December 11, 2008

School sanctioned abuse

Not us but a Red Cross worker in Guyana observed that a United Nations study on violence in 2006 shows that violence against children happens in every country, and that in a 12-month period, 223 million children are sexually abused -- that's 150 million girls and 73 million boys, said Evanoff.

In Guyana, about 10 per cent of girls and five per cent of boys have been sexually abused, while 87 per cent of children experience physical abuse in their homes, schools or communities.

There you have the glaring evidence that children are being abused in schools and the Ministry of Education can draft laws to keep corporal punishment on the books. Only a heartless and uncaring Government would seek to subject future leaders to blows as cover for disciplinary action. Not us, we sending our pickeny to private school where dem have toilet with draw string and flush handle. Sorry for dem lil poor pickney who parents cannot do like so many Ministers and send dem children to private school.

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