Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Still partially drunk

My humble apologies to to readers of this blog and to you 360. I know I should have been here to blog yesterday, but I failed because I was drunk. How could I have escaped all that blasted free rum, food and so much political garbage being thrown around.

For the record, Robert Montgomery Persaud was partying and so what 360. Big deal!!! With so much stress about the flooding what better way to unwind than at a party thrown by a bigwig.

Clearly everyone had fun although I went home cussing after arriving home to find my yard flooded. Yes, in the heat of the moment I cuss some bad word at the Minister of Agriculture but he can't be blamed for everything.

Oh and by the way, we were told that Jagdeo deliberately pushed back his flight plans so he would have arrived a day after the party and not have to table an excuse for missing his "best friend's" finest moment.

RHO was also there and 360 I told you so but you refused to mention that he too was there. Not casting any aspersions about your political loyalty, but the entire Guyana knows that the PNCR is three feet under already and its just a matter of time before they are completely buried. I asked you why would RHO be there partying when his party is dying. Slow fire or slow death, which one is more painful?

Also spoke with Ramotar - a fairly good guy, but it was Ramsaroop and Corbin's sucking up to him that was surprising. There were like all hail "KING RAMOTAR". There is a perfectly good reason why Corbin would lick ass. He has lost his stripes and is now seeking to stay on by any means necessary, but bloody heavens why would Pete head down that road? Why?

Good party boi Glenn

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