Monday, December 22, 2008

Blogging thoughts

It's 3:30 in the freaking morning. Facebook and blogspot are the only true companions.

Simply put, we are bored as hell, recovering from the reflections on the intricate esplanade of life. In fact, it’s tiring, probably horrifying just slumped back on this hard cold wooden floor staring up at the ceiling wondering what lies ahead. Thinking back, the sensation gives a sudden rush of emphysema. No need to beckon for help, a sudden flashback from the hilarious segment of the cranium is enough to stop a relapse.

IPod, blackberry, laptop, West Indies hanging in – none of the mundane pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of life seems to make sense and probably it is the new environment with the arrival of family from the cold or probably the dejection and frustration was born out of false hope of having pocket change this time of year.

Whatever caused these disastrous emotions must be contagious and contemptuous to rob mankind of the respite he deservingly entreats without hesitation. The frustration and penned-up anger is a bitter-sweet feeling, but the sweetness is monosaccharide, misunderstood.

Thoughts though scrambled at time, remain monolithic as though the sky will pop from above and a sign would be revealed. In life, there are so many signs, buss stops, cross roads and vehicles to take you along the journey that stopping and think sometimes may cost the best ride to success. Whoever said to stop and reflect on life really was misguided. Go head allow the ghosts of your past to haunt at a time and place of your choosing, but never shadow-box with your thoughts alone in the dark.

Be warned!

Barely fumbling for the power button, the laptop bleeps, a flash of light is momentarily blinding, but welcoming nonetheless. A well deserving vacation had been planned months in advance prior to learning that family members feared dead were travelling during the craziest time of the year.

This is by no means farewell from the blogging arena so the disgraced public officials could put away the party hats and dump the cake, Guyana360 will be back in a week. In Guyana360’s absence, Guyana Fire and probably, a few other new contributors will keep the pace. Keep sending those comments.

Guyanese blogs have popped up across the spectrum which runs our lives. With quick scouting a few were added to our Blogger’s World section.

Raptus8 is still confused and actually got a promotion in time for the holidays. Ruel Johnson hints at marriage maybe not in time for the holidays, but soon. And Maria Benschop has gone back to the drawing board after her husband’s release.

All three have been added to the section, in addition to fixing the link to Guyana Providence Stadium, who we hope would use the season of goodwill to forgive us for having the unlinked URL for months, probably years. There are many more Guyanese blogs, hoping to have all linked by the start of the New Year. Send your blog URL to Guyana360.

It was a blogistic year as expected since the predictions were made since January to the folks over at livinguyana.

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