Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Face of Jagdeo on Facebook

Click here to see how President Bharrat Jagdeo may have spent his time in the last few months since his divorce. He has denied that he created the Facebook profile, but we understand how lonely State House could get at times, so Mr. President social networking is fine. Maybe you can use your profile to promote Guyana as a prime tourist destination. After all it was your advice. Or maybe, you can hook up with a sweet, sweet gal to call your own and get married the real way this time around

If the profile is not the work of Jagdeo then we have a pretty good feeling that it was the working of that lil cock bamsee boi McSkunt. It's not the first time he has tried to promote the President and in the process causing great shame. He did put up several ugly billboards with the President's photo after Guyana won the tribunal hearing. All hail MacSkunt. Thanks to him, the Head-of-State had to issue a very public press release.

Very, very hilarious stunt on the this the last day of the year. Guyana needed this kind of crap to stir international belly loads of laughs.

Innocent young women are being duped into thinking about connecting with the lonely President. Endless supporters are unaware.

Below is what one Ann Marie-Ragubeer Dobbelsteen posted at at 2:32pm on December 21st, 2008. She fondly recalled her encounters with the Head of State.

"Jag, you have grown so much into maturity, love, popularity, business,etc, since i last sit in Tower cafe in 1998 when you were just getting married to Varshini, while i was sitting there with GTV staff for morning coffee, you were sitting facing me on the left and i admire you then, like i always did, while you were still working as Finance Minister. Now you are single again, you have lots to choose from, my best advice is, choose from your heart with clarity and this time make sure you choose someone one who pushes you to succeed. Put me as last on the list, i am waiting know where to find me.You have done well in eight years, keep up the good work. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009.

Love from AMROMEO"

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