Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cobin spots himself

The beaten PNCR Leader, Robert Corbin went joyriding along the East Coast to see flood affected areas and stumbled upon his likeness. Part of the press release is below and please pay attention to the highlighted text.

"At 6:00pm, the water was still rising and residents began to express fears that they were about to endure another 2005 experience. Many residents who rely on their farms, kitchen gardens and livestock for survival were in grief as they recounted to Mr. Corbin the losses they have already had over the last week. Many have lost poultry, ducks, pigs, sheep and goats and in one case, a young donkey was lying paralyzed because of the persistent water that it had to dwell in."

Corbin you are just as paralyzed as that donkey because of the persistent beating you have endured at the hands of the PPP/C and forced a section of the Guyanese population to live in.


  1. Cut Mr. Corbin some slack for bringing the peace back to Guyana. Guyana is now a better place because of him. Thanks for being a paralyzed donkey Corbin

  2. This post really sums up Corbin. Reminds of Bush being pelted with a shoe

  3. This is distasteful, but its OK for many to jump on the bandwagon to get rid of Corbin as if he accomplished nothing. The AFC, Ramsaroop, Ming and many more have all jumped ship instead of working together and trying to find common ground, they all wanted to be leader and thats the problem with the opposition. They all want to lead. Only one can lead

  4. Charles is correct, the Alexanders, Mings, Ramsaroops, Trotmans all wanted power. Greed is destroying the party that the late great LFS Burnham constructed.