Saturday, December 27, 2008

Is this who Mr. Singh is?

An anonymous person left the following comment in response to a post on this blog about James G. Singh's appointment at CANU. If the information is even close by a wisker, then we are in for a torrid time as drug barons would seek to further flex their power.

Comment: James g singh is the cousin of deceased drug trafficker vibart ravi boodhoo. they were very close. he is a close associate of paul daby and his son peter, bramanand nandlall aka bramma, clayton hutson aka clay, juman azeez of no.2 canal, gerald pereira, paul rodrigues, ricardo rodrigues, the last three were roger khan's lieutenants, roger khan, singh did payouts for khan,s cocaine deals.

he installed sophisticated equipment on kaow island for roger khan. he is also associate of trinidadian drug dealer, abode, who was arrested a few weeks ago in guyana. his close associate and uncle in law is david coates aka lammy, his two sons dwight and nicholas, one of whom was arrested in november after police in holland made a drug bust of more than 200 kilos in a container of scrap iron, mike singh of roraima security, gerry gouviea. one could go on and on.

singh is presently in association with corrupt canu officers rajcumar and mannieram, both benefitted from money for airfare from one premnauth persaud currently wanted by canu on drug trafficking. rajcumar admitted being involved in backtracking. in just named a few of james g singh associates and persons he is obviously giving protecrion could the government appoint a person in the like of james g singh to head a drug unit. he is also said to be a member of the phanrom and were involved in serious activities.


  1. I have serious reservations that this is true. I am not sure if there are two James Singhs or something but I am reasonably sure that the James G Singh of CANU is the son of Ret Maj Gen. Joe Singh now of GT&T and is highly unlikely to be the person who is described above.

  2. I was telling people long now that Gery Gouveia was corrupt,but they never listen. The man ran Cocaine airways for a while under the guidance of Khan.This info above,is very serious,but nothing will come of it. The president already know the deal,just playin dum.

  3. every country has drug dealers and weather or not who likes what or does what, someone will always do something to live comfortably. so drugs would never stop. no matter who does what!