Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jagdeo goes Green

Under normal circumstances we would think twice of attacking the President on his garbs since Stabroek News has done a good job at that in the past. However, we could not let this one slip. Oh no. This one was too green. Before the President set out for Enmore and Hope on old year's day, he knew he had to appoint Henry Greene as Commissioner so what does he pick to wear? A green shirt jack. Wonder if Henry was titled Browne what would have been the President's attire.

Shortly after 10 am on December 31, he starts out by attending a party for kids in Enmore

Then at 11 am he attends another party with kids of Hope.

At about 1:30 p.m he proudly swears in Henry Greene as Commissioner with his green and by now sweaty shirt. All in a day's work. Wonder what he plans on wearing this evening.


  1. yes its funny!!!

  2. What about if he was named Henry Black

  3. Next these pics will start popping up on Facebook.

  4. This a shirt jack he should have worn at the UN conference on climate change. Sends a nice message

  5. Honey, he makes Green look nice. Bottom line.