Thursday, December 11, 2008

Peter Ramsaroop's Problem

Peter Ramsaroop writes: This week, I am visiting many cities in the United States, speaking to overseas-based Guyanese on the status of our nation. The number one question I am asked is what is going on with the crime situation. Our front pages are riddled with the many murders and crime that happen in our country, and that is then multiplied numerous times over when one reads it on the Internet.

This self-centered political waste time continues to shoot himself in the foot mercilessly. We, and I mean all of us suffering Guyanese don't give a rat's ass where you travelling. We have real God dam problems and if you want to be Guyana's chosen one, you had better strip your 'Roop' suits and throw on a trunks and vest from Avinash and start walking the muddy back lands.

Come see where my aunt lives on the East Bank. Come see where my family lives on the West Coast. Go listen to the sugar workers. Go help the poor on the West Bank find hope. Travel on the minibuses and see the danger ordinary citizens face at the hands of ruthless drivers. Travel on the speed boats and see the daily risk of commuting in this day and age.

You disgust me and so many others , who thought you were really serious about changing Guyana's political landscape. You want to adopt Obama's appeal to the masses? When you return to Guyana , board a Timerhi bus, skip across the garbage littered Stabroek Market square. Hopefully you make it to the route 40 park without getting robbed. Oops! No bodyguards please. Then try not to get mugged by the touts as you board a route 40 bus that would take you closest to your posh office in Queenstown.

These are just baby steps before you can earn Guyanese respect. You are just like the PPP/C Ministers, except you are not in office. We have grown accustom to our lil corruption here and there, a few army guns going missing, people disappearing, bodies scattered, drug dealers flourishing and blood shed throughout Guyana.

You see my point eh Roop?

We know what the PNCR can do. We have seen them run the economy to ruins, set up a socialist state, practice racism, and silence those who dare oppose. We have seen it all from the two parties that have led this country with iron fists. We need a change and the AFC is a mixture of both parties. After all they might be worst since two of their leaders are offspring of the dominant political fractions. You know what thesy say about double trouble.

There is a reason why Dr. Walter Rodney and the Working People's Alliance (WPA) was so successful during the PNCR rule. Peter we beg that you take our advice, climb down off your pedestal and reach out to ordinary citizens.

Money and bank accounts will win us over, but only temporarily. You are too intelligent to be failing this badly politically.


  1. Egotistical fool is what he is. No wonder the AFC dumped him. he is not here for Guyana but for himself. Wish him all the luck though.

  2. Give the guy a break. He came in and woke us up to so many ills. Look if he had not acted an IMC would have been in place in Georgetown. Guyana Fire show your face and debate Mr. Ramsaroop

  3. Don't remind us, Georgetown would have been so much better under an IMC. Thanks a lot Mr. Roop Suits

  4. This is really funny. Blog him down. Guyana Fire who the heck are you?

  5. In school we had a thing go so...Run away Peter, Run away Paul ahahahahah

  6. This guy Roop will get there, keep beating him down, he always seem to come back stronger. The man been out there in the communities. Some all ya been stuck with him of the old days. man making a difference ..ask the ordinary man..not u dumb bloggers.