Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Konan the distroyer or was it the PNCR?

The PNCR can only destroy

IN the November 28, 2008 issue of the Kaieteur News the PNCR is reported to have said that the government is behaving like a typical “thief man” and at the end of the article it said that “the Jagdeo administration to date has failed to demonstrate that it has a vision, policies and management capabilities to implement a suitable programme of economic and social measure to place the economy on the path for sustained growth. If they had proper planning and vision they would have still been in power, but they do not have any so that is why they are out of
power. The PNC should not be an organisation to talk about theft and proper management. To simply collect money at the Corentyne toll gates they could not manage properly so they were running at a loss so they decided to close them down. When they were in government they did not only squander the wealth of the nation, they stole the government through fraudulent
elections. In the late 1950s and early 1960s when they were in opposition they told the people that there will be free milk and cassava for every one. When they took office all of that disappeared. Maybe they stole
it.They took over a government that had ten million dollars in the treasury, a vibrant economy, a development programme, a strong dollar ($1.08 to the $US) and was known as the food basket of the Caribbean. In 28 years they brought the country to its knees.
The (1966-1972) $300 million development plan that went toward infrastructure collapsed in 1969. The 1973 crisis was averted by a levy on sugar worth over five million dollars and by 1976 the crisis worsens despite lavish help from the US government and the International Monetary Fund. Desmond Hoyte who was Vice-President responsible for Planning and Finance told the National Assembly “To put it bluntly, the performance of the economy in 1981 was disastrous.” On February, 14, 1982, the New Nation, organ of the PNC stated that the economy was tottering on the brink of collapse. Desmond Hoyte in the 1982 budget speech said: “In consequence, many suppliers have stopped exporting goods to us other than on a cash basis; and in some countries their export insurance agencies have withdrawn cover from us. We are not deemed to be credit worthy at this time.” He also stated that our national saving stands at zero. Guyana has reached the stage where neither our debt at home nor abroad can be paid.
In the 1984 budget speech finance minister Carl Greenidge said “the producing sector has undergone a marked decline over the last three years.” He further admitted that the picture of the economy, the strategies which were being recommended and the prognoses for speedy resuscitation “all appear very daunting” and concluded that he could offer no comforting solution which will allow us to survive and prosper.
In 1985 Guyana was declared by the IMF to be ineligible for further credit.
These were not statements from the opposition but by the PNC when they were running the
government.Presently they cannot manage their own party so how can they then manage a government.
They were there once; do we want them there to destroy the country again? They cannot manage and build but only destroy.


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