Tuesday, December 02, 2008

King's linkages

The following letter by T.King appeared in the Guyana Chronicle recently, but after the presidential pardon of Bynoe on Monday, we are sure that Mr. King would be kicking himself. Sure Mr. King might be asking is there a link to Bharrat Jagdeo too?

THE police did a wonderful job of taking out three criminals.

These three in my mind are not pirates but had some thing more sinister in their minds with all the heavy guns and ammunition in their possession.

But what lots of Guyanese and myself included, do not understand is why bail was given to Gibson over and over who was charged along with Oliver Hinckson?

Gill the other criminal that was gunned down by police spent time at Phillip Bynoe's camp at Christmas Falls. If the security forces knew where Bynoe is why was he not arrested?
Wasn't he charged along with Mark Benchop?

Is Bynoe not a wanted fugitive on the run?

Oliver Hinckson is on bail according to news reports.

If a person is on bail is he/she allowed to leave the jurisdiction; let alone leave the country without permission from the judge?

Oliver Hinckson, Phillip Bynoe and Mark Benchcop were working with these young men. Wow!
Add it all up and you will see the big picture where these young men are taking their cue from.
Even the dumbest of dumb could see what's happening here.

When will those in legal authority open their eyes to this?

Great job security forces and condolences go out to the family of a hero police officer and the poor innocent fisherman that these nasty murderers killed.


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