Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Marriott, Mar- riot, no need to learn the pronunciation

Something is very fishy about that Marriott Hotel deal. Indeed from the inception, we had our doubts. Now that the project is good as dead, the Government would never disclose the investors who we bent over to please by moving the Food and Drug administration, allowing them to tamper with our delicate sewerage system, relocating the Kingston water pump and demolishing historic sites in the process. What happens to the land? Was it leased?

Who were the investors that we really wanted to please that we pushed for the sale of a popular hotel a few yards from where the proposed site had been for the Marriott.

We refuse to accept the lame excuse put forward by the investors for the project falling through. Could it be they have awoken and smelt the swerage that Guyana was not an option for tourists and hotel business in Guyana is risky business. Maybe the investors may opt to buy Le Merridien. Who knows? With the government keeping the information close to chest, anyone can assume what they feel like about this situation.

KN Reports: Even as the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report for the required permit for the construction of the Marriott Hotel is being assessed, the deal has fallen through.

This is according to Head of State, Bharrat Jagdeo, who during a recent press briefing, told media operatives that the investors have signaled their intention to pull out because of the global financial crisis.The study of the report was a mandatory requirement before Adam’s Development Urbahn Associates (ADUA) could have received its construction permit.

The board has been reviewing the data since November 19, last.

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