Sunday, December 28, 2008

A possible benefit of the US economic decline

Peter Ramsaroop preaches: As I reflect on 2008 and previous years and look towards 2009 and the next decade, I realize even more Guyanese everywhere cannot any longer take the economic stagnation of our dear land. I will present a case study here for our Government and Diaspora to consider.

INTRODUCTION:Development of Guyana will not come primarily from U.N aid programs, foreign loans and other foreign aid. These programs by their natures only induce the recipient to follow a welfare mentality of perpetual begging.

For proof, survey all the countries that have been recipients of U.N aid programs, IMF Loans and World Bank loans and you will see that an overwhelming majority of them are still in a state of mediocrity and mendicancy (with the economic meltdown, these funds will automatically dwindle).

Why? Nature has ordained that development does not come about through charity but through industry and self determination.The Bible recognizes this, that’s why the only charity that was allowed was individual to individual charity via the gleaning of fields.

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  1. These last few days peter has become int..I read his article on technology and those stuff I like them.When he goes off on his political tangent it turns me off from reading him.