Friday, October 03, 2008

CANU New Head

James G. Singh has been appointed to head the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit (CANU) with effect from October 1, 2008. Singh was selected from among a number of persons who applied for the post and were interviewed.

According to a press release from the Home Affairs Ministry, Singh has a Diploma in Public Safety and Security Management from the University of Guyana, an International Diploma in Business Management–Cambridge International College, and a Diploma in Electronics Engineering from the De Vry Institute of Technology, Toronto, Canada.

His responsibilities will include controlling the operations of the CANU according to the Laws of Guyana, relevant policies, procedures and standard operational procedures laid down by the Administration, and will be subject to the general guidance of the Minister of Home Affairs.

Earlier this year, several operatives on the unit, including former head Orville Nedd, were sent home after they failed polygraph tests.

We believe that Nedd was really targeted by the Government because the agency was in possession of information pointing to a drugs for weapons trade prosecuted by smugglers operating across Guyana's borders.

Nedd had actually spoken out about the information with SN And sources had told SN newspaper that a particular criminal gang (the Phantom Squad) operating in Guyana had benefited from this trade, with a number of high-powered weapons being supplied to the gang in exchange for cocaine.

We understand that the President was so pissed, he even told a close friend that Nedd had stepped too far and should have informed the Government first before going public.

So Nedd has been added to the pool of heads that rolled because the President was not pleased with the way his crimminal enterprise was being threated.


  1. nedd was not corrupt or involved in drug runnings. his dismissal was political. while they dismissed a few of the so called corrupt canu officers, the more corrupt ones with party connection remained and continued in like manner.

  2. james g singh is the cousin of deceased drug trafficker vibart ravi boodhoo. they were very close. he is a close associate of paul daby and his son peter, bramanand nandlall aka bramma, clayton hutson aka clay, juman azeez of no.2 canal, gerald pereira, paul rodrigues, ricardo rodrigues, the last three were roger khan's lieutenants, roger khan, singh did payouts for khan,s cocaine deals. he installed sophisticated equipment on kaow island for roger khan. he is also associate of trinidadian drug dealer, abode, who was arrested a few weeks ago in guyana. his close associate and uncle in law is david coates aka lammy, his two sons dwight and nicholas, one of whom was arrested in november after police in holland made a drug bust of more than 200 kilos in a container of scrap iron, mike singh of roraima security, gerry gouviea. one could go on and on. singh is presently in association with corrupt canu officers rajcumar and mannieram, both benefitted from money for airfare from one premnauth persaud currently wanted by canu on drug trafficking. rajcumar admitted being involved in backtracking. in just named a few of james g singh associates and persons he is obviously giving protecrion could the government appoint a person in the like of james g singh to head a drug unit. he is also said to be a member of the phanrom and were involved in serious activities.

  3. This is really a very sad commentary on the state of 'drug' affairs in Guyana. Interesting that the great majority are of east indian descent. So you create an east indian government, an east indian head of CANU, after sending Lambert Marks crazy and assassinating his deputy. Coolie bai rule guyana. The whole bunch of them should be arrested by the US DEA and flown out of the country to the US to be jailed. Only then will Guyana make progress.

  4. "Cambridge International College" - Thats a bottom-house "school" formerly on North Road that was in fact a scam. It is and was never a college.

    Which leaves Devry - a trade school for school dropouts in the US and Canada who cannot qualify to enter regular Universities, or even Community Colleges.

    Wow. What qualifications to run an anti-drug force!

  5. james g singh of canu is terrible corrupt. so is the persons who recommended him, ronald gajraj and clement rohee and the person who appointed him bharrat jagdeo.the deo, canadians and british should do check his profile and they will know of his past, his present and his future in his, not drug fight but noticable drug flight.

  6. james g singh is not qualified for the job as head of canu. he locked up people recently to get a so called suspect and had an habeus corpus writ filed against him in the high court before the chief justice. the attorney general was annoyed when he learnt of the facts. how stupid.
    apart from the comment above on his so called qualifications, i wish to state that i sat with him in class at university of guyana and observed that he cheated all of his exams. he cheated. he is dishonest, and despite his cheating, his pass was unimpressive. he should not be trusted. he is a thief. he failed in all of his jobs, at instant security and beharry. he is a total failure.he has already failed at canu. rohee who guides him is a greater failure.

    Just go to that linkage and read how James gayvan Singh given out press release and given out what canu is doing so he drugs friends can know where canu is yes this is not is friends stuff but they can know what canu is doing canu cant fine drugs in immense quantity anywhere other than the airport cause all canu is finding is marijuana I came in Guyana about a few days ago from the United states of America where is former Boss is yes people is former Boss was Roger Khan before I Migrated Guyana I used to go to UG where he used to be was not in same class he is pulling on is father influence and I have good news for you citizens his Excellency President Bharrat Jagdeo don’t know most of what is going on Mr. president I am calling on you to start an investigation on him about him working with Roger Khan.

  8. roger khan ???? come on PPP let start the investigation 2011 coming we dont want any Shit like gay singh f*** we up