Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tappin was an unlicensed driver? WTF

Following investigations into the fatal accident at Amelia’s Ward, Linden , on Saturday October 18, 2008, where Akila Jacobs and Terrence Tappin lost their lives, the owner of the minibus and the driver of the motor-lorry involved in the accident were on Wednesday charged by the police.
The minibus owner, Orin Alleyne of West Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, Georgetown, was charged with permitting unlicensed driver and permitting breach of insurance.

The truck driver, Burchell Thompson of Amelia’s Ward, was charged with uninsured motor vehicle, uncertified motor vehicle and taking and driving motor vehicle without owner’s consent.

Orin Alleyne appeared today before Magistrate Ann McLennon at the Christianburg Magistrate Court where he pleaded ‘not guilty’ and was placed on $65,000.00 cash bail to return to court on November 04, 2008.

Burchell Thompson is to appear in court on October 29, 2008.

Guyana360: Call us fucking crazy, but isn't it GT&T's responsibility to esnure that the driver of a bus they contracted actually has a valid driver's license and that the minibus is properly insured. This hits smack of the lack of concern GT&T has for human life. What is their motto...publicity at all cost?

Prior, we didn't see why the telephone company should shoulder total responsibility for the accident, because they could not have prevented it. Accidents happen, but after the fcat, it is clear that GT&T has failed miserably to protect the lives of those media operatives, by ensuring that a licensed driver was avaible and that the contracted minbus was properly insured.

Tappin, we understand, was once contracted by the PNCR and was seen transporting a very publicity craved politician, who wrote a glowing tribute about Jacobs' and promised to open an account for her daughter.

To say the least, the injured is without insurance coverage because GT&T was callous in the first instant to contract an unlicensed driver and an uninsured minibus. The tears for Jacobs' must flood telephone house, the pain and anguish must shake a still vibrant ex-soulder. GT&T is responsible for the upbrining of Jacobs' daughter.

We know that Jacobs' family consist of quite a few legal minds, who we met recently. The family should give the telecommunications about a month to decide how they will treat with Jacobs' daughter before dragging them into court.

The injured should also do the same, but acting sooner.

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