Sunday, October 19, 2008

Minibus meets one eye Troy

SN Reports: According to accounts, the accident occurred when the minibus driver collided with the rear of the truck, which was moving in the same direction. An eyewitness told Stabroek News that the truck, GJJ 7382, belonging to K. Jagdeo of 51 New Road Corentyne, was about to turn off the highway into the well road when the bus slammed into it its rear. “I was standing on the curb waiting fuh de truck fuh turn when all I hear was badam,” he explained. He said that the truck only had one headlamp on the right front and rear and the bus-driver mistook it for a motorcycle.

The minibus that claimed the life of NCN reporter, Akila Jacobs last evening.

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  1. a who a dis reportah! one Headlamp at front & BACK? what about the headlight of the minibus...didn't highlight that big object in front? It sounds to me that the bus turned the corner behind the truck at a very high speed which should not have been- rule or no rule! Sadly lives were lost my condolences to the families.