Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jagdeo's EPA sham uncovered

Subsequent to this post, we feel obligated to let everyone hear the truth about Guyana's position on the EPA...flip, flop Jagdeo is wasting the world's time. Maybe he is seeking attention for Guyana, who knows if it might help us get more loans.

Listen to Dougie Brew, a trade policy advisor at the European Commission in Brussels as he explains that Guyana had indiacted that it wll sign the agreement before turning full circle to oppose it.

Brew Speaks


  1. This is astonishing. The European Commission must be laughing themselves over. No! The world must be laughing and the joke is on us. Guyana. What a shame. Piss poor forign and trade relations, the hallmark of the PPP/C regime.

  2. Since you mentioned piss poor forign and trade relations. Can you recall at one time we had a Foreign Minister who was totally unaware about the size of Guyana and couldn't tell the difference between Dominica and the Dominican Republic. He is now at the Home Affairs Ministry and one wonders if he knows the difference between a gun and a knife.

  3. Where are the so-called journalists who are suppose to to be keeping this Government on its toes. This new information could point to a confused PPP/C government. Who wrote the EC? Did the President OK such a response? Or did Guyana just brush aside the EPA deal without having an expert input? If we said we were going to sign, why did Jagdeo hold consultations?

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