Saturday, October 04, 2008

Chronicle's self-parise

The Guyana Chronicle has dropped to the lowest, shameful bottom of the pit by publishing the following letter. As the saying goes, if you can't priase yourself, no one esle can. We are dead certain that no Augustus wrote the letter, but the scribblings may have come directly from a Chronicle staff, or a GINA staff.

A few years back, a GINA staff faxed a string of letters with a whole heap of fake names (mostly African names) by mistake. The fax went to Stabroek News and some other places. Even after more than a decade in office, the PPP/C and its instiutions have to parise themselves. It must be sad

Chronicle Editorial timely and necessary

THE Chronicle Editorial on the Parika Packaging House was not only timely but necessary.

Because of supply, demand and shelf life, as well as transportation factors, canning is of vital importance. Package goods are showing up in the US market from all over the world.

Some of the same produce in Guyana is in the US market from Thailand and other countries in the editorial. Incidentally, Milk is being sold under the Parmalat brand in "aseptic" packaging that allows it to remain un-refrigerated until opened.

This process could help open up a milk industry in our savannahs. There is a need to aggressively pursue joint ventures that include packaged food companies in US. We must continue to push for these new approaches.


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