Saturday, October 18, 2008

Breaking News: Several reporters injured in crash

Information reaching Guyana360 at this 8:30 time is that a bus returning reporters from a GT&T assignment in Ituni has crashed and several are injured. We have confirmed that the driver of the minibus who was contracted by the telephone company, had his head severed.

Unconfirmed sources said that the accident occured at Amelia's Ward, Linden. Details are very sketchy at this time. But as we prepare to post, we understand that several media managers and editors are at the Georgetown Public Hospital awaiting the arrival of the injured.

We also understand that those injured include, Akila Jacobs of NCN TV, whom we understand is very critical; Morano Isaacs, NCN Radio; Ravina Gildarie, Guyana Times; and June Ann Amsterdam...we cannot at this point in time confirm which media house she is from

Another bus carrying another group of media operatives was not involved in the accident.

Details to come soon....

8:45 pm update:

Additional information now suggests that Akila Jacobs (pic below) has sadly passed away. She died while being transported to the hospital. Jacobs has been in the media for over 3 years having started out on Work Study at GTV as it was then. At the time she was a student of the Brickdam Secondary School. She later left NCN to join Kaieteur News before leaving to join News-2 and later the Evening News. She lately rejoined the state media. Our hearts go out to her family and the media fraternity during this tragic time. We are still trying to confirm what transpired on the Linden road.


9:00 pm update:

We have been able to confirm that the driver of the bus, known only as Tappin at this point, slammed into a truck along the Linden highway shortly before 7:00 p.m. Sad to say that this is one of the many trucks that Prime Minister Samuel Hinds said will not be allowed onto the highway at nights. He made the statement following another horrific accident a few yards from where tonight's accident occured.

We are also hearing that Ghilarie (pic below) who was said to be critical is now listed as stable but critical with major hip and bone injuries. She was formely employed at GINA before leaving for Guyana Times.

We have been able to confirm that June Ann Amsterdam is a camera woman atatched to NCN. Infact, she is one of a kind in her profession. She has been admitted to hospital in a stable condition.

Isaacs, whose voice is well known across radioland, suffered minor injuries. Another person said to be an operator travelling with Isaacs is said to have suffered minor injuries also. There were a total of five persons in the bus.

Additionally, we are now hearing that Akila Jacobs mothered a daughter and at last Mother's Day, she recieved a gift from Pastor Wade Ridley for being the youngest mother in the congregation at the Restoration and Life Ministry in Wren Ave., South Ruimveldt Gardens.

Ravina Ghildari....listed as critical but stable.

10:00 pm update

More information pouring in suggests that the other bus with media workers was way ahead of the crashed party. Sources said that the lead bus had already reached Supply along the East Bank when they got the news and returned to the scene of the accident.


  1. Reading this makes me sad. Thanks very much for spoiling my saturday night

  2. I am a reporter at NCN and I am deeply sad. This could have been anyone of us on this bus. I cried when I heard, and I cried when I arrived at the hospital.

  3. No man don't tell me that Sammy had promised to ban trucks after hours. I see several trucks on teh highway on a dialy basis. Come on people speak the truth, Sam did not promise that. To the relatives of this cub reporter, i satnd with you in your moment of grief.

  4. Things that make you stop and wonder if thsi Government cares.

  5. This made me recall Guyana Chronicle front page which pictured disasters waiting to happen....the entire highway is a disaster waiting to happen

  6. Relatives of Ravena Gildharie living abroad are grateful for the update. Please keep us posted. Our sympathies go out to the Jacobs family. Everyone, please join us in praying for Ravena'a speedy recovery.

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  8. Wow. You guys are really quick with your info. I am deeply saddned by this tragic accident. To see our youth go down in ways that could have been easily avoided. The GPA should join Mothers in Black and help chart action on trucks using the highway after hours. This should be the case, since the Government cannot provide propper lighting for the highway. In this day and age, we cant afford the light has gone out on a young mother's life.

    I never met her, but a life is a life and a life would have influenced someone in someway.

    Tragic indeed and is a scary reminder to the media that the ills you report on daily could someday become your pitfall. You are not immune to the sufferings of the ordinary man. Work on holding elected officials accountable at every level regardless of party affiliation.

  9. GT&T its time to ring up the cheque book here.

  10. No money can compensate for the loss of life. It is too early to know where to cast blame. Let's wait and see

  11. I just got a link to this post from a good friend who knew ghildari very well. I hope she recovers soon.

  12. Trucks, trucks, trucks...where teh fuck they going in the night.