Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pat on the back from a Ghost

Guyana deserves a pat on the back for improved EPAGUYANA deserves a pat on the back for not only achieving a substantial improvement to the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) but also for doing it alone.

Guyana was standing ‘out in the cold’ during the fight for better arrangements under the EPA but now the entire Region stands to benefit from what Guyana achieved without solidarity.

The Caribbean will benefit from a mandatory review of the EPA every five years to measure the impact of the agreement and make adjustments if necessary for the better of CARICOM.

Secondly, there will be some degree of protection for the Region as it strives for the Single Market and Economy (CSME) since some of the policies under the EPA are alien to CARICOM.

President Jagdeo took a firm stance in the best interest of Guyana and continuously warned the other Caribbean countries against signing but to no avail. He was not supported by his fellow Caribbean Leaders. From day one the President recognized that the EPA in its initial form would have done harm to the Region.

Our President continuously proves to be a very strong and capable leader in the region. He has made another great achievement in spite of standing alone. Congrats to our President.

SARAH WILLIAMS, one of many ghost writers employed at GINA.

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