Monday, October 06, 2008

Love dreamy Jagdeo allowing Chavez access

Guyana's government is dismissing the main opposition party's concern about Venezuela strengthening its military with Russian weaponry.

Russia recently gave Venezuela a US$1 billion credit to buy arms. It also has signed contracts worth more than US$4.4 billion since 2005 to supply weapons to the socialist country.
But Guyana President Bharrat Jagdeo's administration said Sunday it was confident Caracas respects its territorial integrity regardless of a long-standing border dispute between the two South American governments.

The People's National Congress on Saturday said the Russian weapons sales are reminiscent of a 1966 buildup, when Venezuela occupied half of Ankoko Island that Guyana says is its territory.


  1. this is a very serious matter why is jagdeo putting a blind eye to it? is he crazy? maybe its because the move was not initiated by his esteem regime.

  2. This is indeed a very serious situation, but I do not think the president is ignoring or putting a blind eye to this matter. I believe when time is appropriate, the president will act professionally on this matter and will not jump to any assumptions as yet.

  3. I am so scared. Their going to want to put me in the front line.. I'm sure of it.