Sunday, October 19, 2008

Guyana 360 supports ways to honour Jacobs

Given the horrific accident that claimed the life of Akila Jacobs, a young journalist and mother of a 3-year-old daughter, Guyana 360 is prepared to force GT&T to take any step to ensure that the loss of her life is not in vain. We here know that she was not one of the more popular media workers, but that does not make her tragic loss any easier to bear.

The Guyana Press Association is not in the habbit of recognising media workers for their contributions, so GT&T can take a fresh step and approach in this area.

Perhaps the award can go to a journalist that has influenced the local landscape and force some developmental changes.

The creteria can be worked out and a board be appointed to examine the work of local journalista to determine who gets the award.

GT&T can also consider a scholarship award for an aspiring journalist leaving high school and who would be pursuing studies in Public Communications at the University of Guyana. This we belive, would be a fitting honour since Jacobs went from high school straight into journalism and never stopped to take time out to further her studies. The award would re-enforce the point that tertiary education is important for the advancement of journalism in Guyana.

Any of the above reccomendations would be an addition to whatever monetary donation GT&T is giving her family. We at this point in time will not go into specifics as to how much that contribution should be or what form it should take, but GT&T must take into account that Jacobs has left behind a daughter, who will have to grow up without a mother - left to the cruel fate of this world.

Not only GT&T is responsible in the aftermath of this accident, but the media employers. NCN and Guyana Times. They too must pitchin.

And yes, this is a time when the GPA should make the case for media managers to provide insurance and other benifits for media employees. We are aware that at some media houses, there is no such contractual obligations. Infact, we understand that at some media houses, there are no contracts for employment. This should be every

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  1. Sure ya right! put things in place for the child as she grows there will b something memorable for her to be proud about. Many other things are done for some ppl not so worthy of the cause this is a gr8 idea n support for the Insurance tingie it will change the world of jorunalism to a place of security NCN and others take note