Saturday, October 18, 2008

Prashad is no pageant organiser

Today the Guyana Chronicle was forced to admit that it inadvertently and erroneously published in our Friday, October 17, 2008 edition on page six that Minister Manniram Prashad is personally in involved in getting sponsorship and in promoting an up coming Diwali Pageant.

"As such we wish to withdraw the above statement and sincerely apologise to Mr. Prashad for the inconvenience caused," the Chronicle stated.

When we first saw the article we were amazed to say the least that a Minister would seek to promote one pageant over another. Minister Prashad quickly realised the outcry this could have caused and asked that the state paper correct it self. The holding of the pageant has already foamed over the nation as many belive that the pageant downplays the true meaning of the religious holiday.

But, then again, the Ministry of Tourism has been a proud supporter of one of the most outrageous and degrading pageants in Guyana. Yearly, the Tourism Ministry pumps millions into the Hits and Jams Pageant at Splashmin's. Our sources tell us that the Hips and Bambsee people were getting funding under Minister Nadear because Donna Fishgill was very close to the organisors, hence she ensured that they got funding.

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