Wednesday, October 22, 2008

GT&T is a heartless company indeed

The Guyana Chronicle editorial reads...

Fate interceded and Ravena’s life was spared, but what of her future? And who will fund her expensive treatment and aftercare? Out of the $32,000 needed for her CT-scan, GT&T provided $8,000. (only freaking $8,000, but what has been G/Times' contribution?)

Realistically, GT&T may not be held culpable nor legally bound in any way, but morally this is a company that expends millions of dollars on promotions, and what would be a greater image-builder than to show the face of a company that treats the collective humanity with compassion?

Could this company adopt Akila’s beloved baby and nurture her so that she could realise her optimal potentials and bring to fruition the dreams a now dead young mother nurtured for her cherished child?

GT&T has always been well-treated by the media fraternity, but today the collective is angry at the insensitive treatment of their colleagues by the company’s PR team.

Terry Holder has always been an executive with a great heart, so it is advisable that the company delegates this Guyanese icon, whom incidentally was once also a member of the media world, to rescue this situation and defuse the tension currently building up as the media collective mourn the loss and injury of their colleagues.

And it is incumbent upon the Guyana Press Association to begin lobbying for protection by way of insurance coverage, or some other compensatory measures, to defray expenses of media practitioners who may become statistics of an inherently dangerous profession.

While one may argue that every job has its hazards, there should be some protection offered to journalists and their dependents so that they do not become subsumed in the equations delineating the profit configurations from humane considerations.

Glen Lall should be commended for the help he has afforded the families of the slain Kaieteur News pressmen, but ad hoc situations, while admirable, cannot be a solution to this dilemma, which need to be addressed holistically, and with promptitude.

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