Friday, October 03, 2008

he is not the first, Benschop and others did it too...

Police are investigating how Teon Smith, aka Teon Branch, ended up on the streets hours after he was remanded to prison by Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson, on 14 counts of robbery under arms.

Teon Smith, who also goes by several other aliases, was rearrested after police who, acting on information, recaptured the accused in West Ruimveldt.

Investigations revealed that the prisoner was registered at the Georgetown Prisons, after records showed that he was taken to the facility from the Magistrates’ Court. The suspect was arrested on Monday at the scene of an armed robbery. He was also fingered in a series of robberies in Linden and more recently in Georgetown.

Kaieteur News understands that shortly after he was remanded, he had boasted that he would “be out on the streets” in a few hours.

According to a source, police received information that the suspect was spotted in the West Ruimveldt area at around 18:00 hrs yesterday.

The police went to the area, and lo and behold, the suspect was there. When questioned, the remanded prisoner reportedly told police that he simply walked out of the prison.
But investigators are not buying his story.

They believe that he may have struck a deal with authorities at the prison.

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