Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shoot em' up

The victim of a Meadowbrook Drive robbery turned the tables on four gunmen who had invaded his home, at around 08:00 hrs last night, shooting one of them dead and wounding another.

Raheem Lewis, 20, of Victoria Road, Sparendaam, East Coast Demerara, was shot in the chest and succumbed minutes after arriving at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.He was identified by his mother and grandmother.

Another man, identified as Michael Reid, 23, of Bamboo Drive, Meadowbrook, was placed under police guard after he turned up at the hospital with a gunshot wound in the upper left thigh.Police said that the victims of the attack identified him as one of the gunmen who had invaded the Meadowbrook premises.

One of the victims, Roy Codrington, who was gun-butted during the robbery, was also treated at the GPHC.The other two bandits escaped with about $6,000 and a cell phone.

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