Tuesday, October 21, 2008

School of excellent crooks?

“President’s College is being run like a kitchen garden,” says GTU President Colwyn King.

Stabroek News reports on the corruption at the once vibrant school:

At a press conference held at GTU headquarters, King said there was no financial statement from the Board for the last seven years. Noting that the college spends $362,000 per child every year, King said where self sufficiency should prevail, the opposite occurs.

The GTU president also alleged that funds are controlled by the college’s head teacher, which he said is not supposed to happen. He also claimed that Simpson Da Silva was illegally removed from chairing the college’s Parent Teachers Association (PTA) because he did not stand for the corruption at the school.

A German national, Hans Metzer, replaced Da Silva as PTA chairman and King claimed the board colluded with the Education Ministry to remove Da Silva after he had pioneered a poultry project and an IT project, both funded by the EU.

King said: “They can’t get their hands in the coffers to steal the money [with Da Silva there] and so they fired him.”

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