Thursday, October 09, 2008

Follow up: Jagdeo is out of touch

In a matter of minutes after we published this post, several persons have emailed us to defend the Bharrat Jagdeo. We are not surprised at all, because most of the comments and emails appear to have come from right within GINA.

Months after, the US economy showed signs of slowing, and weeks after the global economic situation went further south, Bharrat Jagdeo was no where to be seen, heard or even concerened about the impact on Guyana.

That is out of touch. We can't always blame Jagdeo for everything that Government screws up, but this time, the situation required attention at the highest level.

It was only after this article appeared in the Kaieteur News that everyday Guyanese were able to frame the economic situation. Even this article was an eye opener.

Out of touch with Guyanese and far removed from the realities that confront this nation. Hence, his weak position on Venezuela. Out of touch with the economic realties maybe because he does not have to rely on the small piece sent from the US. Most families survive on remittances because our economy is in the trenches and cannot generate the amount of welcome to lift the poor out of poverty.

It took too long for our President to address this ongoing global crisis, and when he did, he came to tell us that our banks are insualted. Out of touch again. Guyana's banks, like most in the world, invest and they do so in overseas companies, many of them in the US. No chick or child and too elite to understand the ordinary suffering of the Guyanese people.

We beg anyone to prove us wrong that none of our banks had invested in US financial firms.

In the face of the lies and cover-ups by Jagdeo, the Private sector owes it to this nation to come out and explain properly the effects of this global financial meltdown. We beg, we plead with the private sector to arrange an economic forum to discuss the financial fallout for Guyana.


  1. I agree and that is why they implemented VAT.

  2. Out of touch with your people. oui, oui, this is an all new low for the Jagdeo Government.

  3. He should go sooner before his term is up. Poor foreign relations, poor diplomatic relations. we have a guy that the ABC rejected serving as an ambassador. Senseless Jagdeo.

  4. To all of you reading this blogs, don't ever forget what the PNCR did to this nation during their 28 years. That was out of touch.

  5. Perhaps these skunthole bloggers need to get in touch with the realities of Guyana and shut the fuck up.

  6. Poor, poor piece of blogging

  7. Jagdeo has HIV, notice how is face fall and he losing weight and his hair? All those frequent trips abroad is to get treatment.

  8. Imagine a discussion about our economy is taking place on the internet. Why not at some location in the city, Berbice, Essequibo.

  9. The PNCR must be out of touch since they have alimented more of the brighter leaders like Alexender and Trotman, for a man like Corbin who is even out of touch with himself.

    The PNCR like the Chronicle they always late never on time when they wake up the whole country will have forgotten about them.

    Not only Gina will come out in defence of Bharat Jagdeo, you idiots must know, that the PPP/C won the elections by more than 50 % of the votes. How long do you think they will remain silent? When you criticise Bharat Jagdeo unjustly.