Wednesday, October 08, 2008

After all the fuss, Jagdeo gives in

Antigua-Barbuda PM hints at Guyana signing EPA, but no confirmation from Georgetown

By Oscar Ramjeet
Caribbean Net News Special Correspondent

ST JOHN’S, Antigua: A Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) report from St Johns, Antigua and Barbuda states that CARICOM Chairman, Baldwin Spencer has confirmed that the signing ceremony for the new Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) will go ahead next week as planned, while hinting that Guyana may take part in the process. With the EPA signing already set for October 15, Spencer disclosed that efforts were continuing to ensure that the Bharrat Jagdeo administration in Georgetown joined with the regional states in penning its signature to that trade document. "I think that there are some manoeuvrings which may very well lead to Guyana signing on the 15th (of October),” Spencer told CMC.


  1. he President is a sailore, love struck and effing up this country. Hurry and run, hurry and be done with your tenure.

    It's like Bush, things are real horrible, probably the worst President Guyana ever say. Bharrat Jagdeo

  2. I beg that this blog would try to confirm their information before publishing. Folks, people read this blog from all over the world, especially Guyanese living in NY.

    What kind of impression are you really giving people about our great leader.

    He willnot sign that EPA. And you guys know it. You just want to be neagtive against this Government at all cost.

  3. Kiss ass Jagdeo always running around cap in hand, begging.

    Regional leaders want to be able to stand independently. Oh now!

    Jagdeo behaving like if teh EU owe it to us. Fuck the EU, Jadeo needs to stand up like a man.

    Opps. He can't

  4. Why all this bickering. All out tax payers money went down the drain when the government decided to host thos eEPA forums.

    Money in these times which could have gone to fixing GWI woes.

  5. Oscar Ramjeet is the writer of this article, an old wash-up from the BUrnham days.

    I didn't expect him to write differently. he is unpatriotic and insensitive to his own country. What a shame!!!! He trevels all over the place, dont understand the suffering of our people.

    Jagdeo does. He is a great leader

  6. Daniel sucking balls. Must be one of those GINA ghost writers.