Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ramsaroop fires back at Sharma

This was the Response Mr. Ramsaroop sent to Mr. Sharma:

Dear Mr. Sharma

Your comments are all noted and reflects your thoughtful discussion.I would advise you read the Auditor General Report and help me account for the billions missing or misappropriated. How do we account for only a few chosen ones getting all the contracts.?

How do we account for expensive houses by Ministers and Family when they only make less than $2000 US a month.? I will support your reflections on past leaders like Gandhi, the BIG difference is Integrity, Accountability and Transparency that made them great leaders.

We are sure lacking in that regard from our Government. Study closely the concessions given to QAI. Study why 2 Years of Drugs were bought from the NGPC when we all know no drugs have that long of a shelf life. Come with me to the Hospital and look at the inventory system, we did and could not find billions of drugs bought.

The Minister said “He got a good deal” so they purchased two years of drugs” I agree though that corporate greed is now as big as corrupt governments around the world as we see in Guyana. I experience daily the corruption.

I would support the President fully if he had accountability of our tax payers money. It was the ERP of the 1990s that changed the Economy from The Burnham era, but study the numbers today.

40% GDP = Remittances
40% Drug/Underground Money
20% Real GDP.

We will collapse our economy if any those numbers are affected. I really honestly do appreciate your comments and you taking time to discuss.Best Regards,Peter R.


  1. The money and drugs that can not be accounted for should be something to think about since Guyanese people are the ones that are paying tax,but the minister indicated that the drugs will be delivered over a two year period.

  2. it looks like this mitter Sharma gaan aff air!

  3. This boy Roop organization is good, remind me of when Obama first started, every one say he just wanted attention and he wasnt ready. look at him now. Roop policies are right on track and getting under the skin of status quo.
    Every blog i read today, everyone talking about Roop good or bad.. Keep the fire going boy me like it.