Saturday, October 25, 2008

Boat mishap in midst of Guyana/Suriname river dispute

We do not believe in the obeah, but this boat accident seems strange especially coming at a time when Guyana and Suriname are in the midst of a boiling diplomatic war over access to the Corentyne River. Could it be the work of dem Jukkas?

Police say seven people likely drowned when a speed boat capsized in a river along the Guyana-Suriname border, the Associated Press reported.

Deputy Commander Simon McBean says the boat was crossing the Corentyne River when the accident occurred. He says one man survived and is in hospital.

McBean said police found the bodies of three women on Saturday and are still searching for three people.

Passengers often rely on speedboats to make the 20-minute trip across the river instead of using the slower-moving ferry. Authorities in both South American countries have demanded that boat operators carry lifejackets and emergency signaling equipment. It is unclear if the boat had any safety features.

The accident occurred late Friday

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