Saturday, October 25, 2008

A $45M green zone joke

Millions of dollars in taxpayers’ money have gone to waste, as the elaborate plans for the D’Urban Park Development project have been abandoned.

After spending millions of dollars as part of infrastructural works, the area will now be used as a ‘green pristine jungle’ or ‘green zone,’ Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, said yesterday.

When asked about the status of works at the park yesterday, Dr. Luncheon said that Guyanese should not expect to see any ‘high rise building or anything else’ in that area, as it has now been declared a ‘green zone.’

Guyana360: Did you hear this guy...He certainly has a career in standup sitdown commedy because his feet are getting weaker by the day. This is absolutely funny. Drop on the floor, roll around on the ground and say heee haaaaa like a certain beast on a dusty country street because that's what you taxpayers are or so he thinks.

This story reminds us of a thief who was caught in a house a few years back. When the owner asked what was he doing in the house, the crook replied that he saw smoke in the house and being the good guy he was, stopped to helped. Of course, this seemingly good Samaritan thought the occupant was a fool.

Another PPP election/Cricket World Cup promise has desiccated from the well of juicy promises and the excuse by Dr. Luncheon is that the area earmarked for development is now a green zone. Eh eh em...weed zone. After spending $45M on the project, everything just halted and the designs and plans were overpowered by persitent weeds and lack of committment.

When was this so-called green zone decided? Is the City Council aware that the area where they routinely dump tons of waste dirt is actually a green zone? Is this area protected under some form of legislation? It's ok to laugh with us.

Going green is suppose to represent a clean slate, but the administration is dragging its old dirty laundry of corruption along.

This is certainly laughable and we would just like to make it public that we have 4 acres of weeds and shrubs on the East Bank, should we announce that we are going green too?

Ahahahahah. This one will go down as one of Dr. Luncheon's infamous moments.


  1. soon we may have to offer the JS $45m reward to find some gang in that new green zone... go on Lunchman you are a wise guy. you are full of it; no wonder toilet paper is so expensive and we have so many internationally sanction pit latrines!

  2. I agree, Luncheon takes us for fools