Thursday, October 02, 2008

Police double standards

The Guyana Police Force said today that it has been observed that a number of licensed firearm holders have not yet renewed their firearm licences for this year, 2008. Further, The Guyana Police Force advised licensed firearm holders who have not taken out their licences for this year, that failure to do so may result in the revocation of their firearm licences.

Here comes the hypocrisy. This Magistrate shot an on-duty police rank with a gun issued by the police, but which had not been licensed for the year and the police does nothing but send a report to the DPP for advice. The DPP in turn recommends that the Magistrate walk free. This is share shite in this skuntry. Now the police will hunt down and molest firearm holders, some have never fired a harmful shot.

Come on Mr. Greene, you can certainly do better to restore the police. And speaking of restore. One of our contributors said you were an extremely fit guy back in your day with ripping abs.

These days your belly (which outgrew the abs) tend to rip right out your shirt. Maybe one day it will go down. Don't believe us?

We are warning that the belly of yours Commish will go right down to your knees one day.

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